Marine Medical Services specialises in medical care for seafarers and the OGUK industry. We offer a full range of standard seafarer medicals as well as all vaccinations including yellow fever. If you have a medical condition and are not sure if it will affect your ability to work at sea or offshore, please get in touch by email and we will do our best to advise you. Note that the UK and Norway now have a reciprocal agreement and you no longer need a separate Norwegian medical to work in Norwegian waters. Most standard medicals are valid for 2 years.

Covid-19 precautions: please come at your appointment time wearing a mask. You will be asked to sanitise your hands and sit socially distanced from other clients. Please do not attend if you have any Covid-19 symptoms such as fever, dry cough, breathlessness or loss of taste or smell. Please also do not attend if you have been asked to self-isolate due to contact with another Covid-19 case.

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ENG1, OGUK, CA-EBS (fit to train), ML5, Danish, Liberian, Panamanian, Marshall Islands, Eastern Pacific Shipping, Teekay, blood tests, ECG, spirometry, audiometry


dTIPV - Revaxis, Typhoid, Yellow fever, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, MMR, Varicella (chickenpox), Meningitis ACWY


We can help you with specific fit to work, travel or fly certificates.


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